Kelly Osbourne ‘disgusted’ by Hollywood arson

Kelly Osbourne has expressed her anger about the fires set by arsonists in parts of Hollywood on Thursday night and Friday morning.

Posted on December 31st, 2011, 11:00am

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is enraged by the arson that took place in her neighborhood early Friday morning.

A string of fires were lit in 15 to 20 parked cars in a two-square mile area in West Hollywood between late Thursday night and early Friday morning.

Los Angeles Times reports that no one was killed, but dozens of people were ousted by firefighters from their homes and many lost power.

Kelly was personally impacted by these incidents.

“why did i wake up at 5am for no reason! (sic)” Kelly posted on Twitter Friday.

“i know why sirens woke me up at 5am 15-20 cars were arson around Hwood what is wrong w/ ppl its so disgusting to destroy ppls livelihood! (sic)”

Firefighters scrambled around in the dark hours of the morning to 20 locations putting out fires. Numerous cars and homes, including the late singer Jim Morrison’s former residence, fell victim to fire damage.

Kelly feels empathy for those whose property got torched.

“How are they meant to get to work take their kids to school? sorry but to me thats livelihood! In LA people live in there cars! (sic)” she tweeted.

The cost of the damage caused by the currently unidentified arsonists has not yet been calculated.

Kelly surmises that fire ravaged property will be difficult to recover for some of her neighbors.

“in times like this where the entire world is struggling financially it makes me sick that people destroy things that others worked so hard 4, (sic)” Kelly said.

Los Angeles law enforcement officers have not yet made any arrests in the case. Officials are offering the public up to $35,000 in rewards for information leading to the criminals’ capture.

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